Colorful Life


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Happiness is still a mystery to me. Questions mingle with emotions. There are times when mind speaks over heart and so is there a time when the latter speaks over the former. You could question me all you want. Because even you, don’t know that I am also questioning myself the very thing that has been bothering you. Yet I don’t doubt it. Taken will be its end, only I could accept. But I would give in without a fight. Exhausted all means, then death will take its toll.

Still moonless nights of shimmering velvet,
cast over a thousand of times over me.
Still thoughts lingers, could not forget,
if only my heart you could only see.

Dreams floating in vivid crystal green,
keeps me awake in a lonely night.
If the words you said is enough to mean,
will cause this weary heart to flight.

Undying love that rekindles in yellow,
burning love deep, gentle and true.
My life will not end nor even mellow,
because what colors my life is you


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