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MCS now allows cosplay crossovers.

Photo Reference Submission removed in MCS Rules and Regulations.

To entertain and allow more participants to join, MCS is now allowing Cosplay Crossovers. So what exactly is cosplay crossovers? It is where an anime character belonging to a specific anime title will go together to cosplay with another anime character that belongs to another anime title.

To clarify my definition let’s use an example:

Uchiha Sasuke from Naruto Shippuden and Luffy from One Piece cosplaying together and doing a skit on stage.

On the other hand, the photo reference submission in Group Cosplay Rules and regulations has been removed. You can now send in your registrations without photo references. This is done to lighten the load of interested participants that wishes to join but are having problems with regards to photo references submissions.

For more information please visit : Ani-Ma Kyoukai Website


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