I Treasure Memories


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Some people are not meant to stay forever in someone's life. They just spent a fraction of their life in taking part in one of the many memories of our life. They leave a mark - sometimes joyous, sometimes pain. But the memories they shared with us will never cease to exist. Once they started taking up role and started playing a part of us, they will leave a mark, a mark that couldn't be erased.

Who said that these memories disappear when they left us? For me it will never will. They could be forgotten, they will lie dormant, sleeping, and just waiting to be revisited again.

Memories play a very important role in one's life. They became, at one point, our proof of existence. When we took part in another person's memories we exist to that person. We shared something with them, we could be the person who shares their pains and sufferings, a close friend, or just a mere stranger who in a short time changes a person's life.

Try to cherish and treasure each memories you had with my dear ones. If you could, capture them, keep them, place them somewhere safe. And time after time, revisit them. Some of them can become a reality again in the future but some can not. People do come once in a while or once in a lifetime in our life. Make sure to have good memories with them.

"To a special someone who spend a while of her life making me happy, teaching me about life and making another joyous milestone in my life. I wish you the best in your journey. I will be missing you and will always be..."

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DNN Navigate to Specific Page


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To redirect user to a certain page you can use the NavigateURL() Function of the DNN.

To use:



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