Video Card for Laptop - MSI Luxium


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Tired of your notebook's integrated graphics? Hear this...

Although external graphics card on laptops were once a pipe dream, things are starting to come toegether for those yearning for desktop-style graphics processing on a mobile machine.

MSI's first shot at the solution is apparently dubbed Luxium. Similar to Asus product - XG Station, this gadget is one of every notebook enthusiasts' dream. MSI Luxium lets you add an external graphics card to your notebook/laptop.

MSI's Luxium is an enclosure that houses a x16 PCI Express graphics card, which you can then connect to your notebook via your laptop's ExpressCard slot. Pretty much works like the Asus XG Station, you can use your desktop graphics card and hook it into your notebook for better desktop-like graphics performance.

It provides a PCI-e to ExpressCard interface to get your desktop GPU interfacing with your lappie, several USB ports, a "USB to LAN" connection, S/PDIF in/out, optical audio input, and 7.1-channel Dolby Digital support.

Boy I can't wait to have one. I heard the enclosure would pretty much cost 8,000-9,000 PHP but very much worth the money. :o)

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