Philhosting Back Online


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10/07/2008: WINDOWS HOSTING UPDATE: We have done restoring clients files, we are now in the process of restoring clients database. For windows clients, please send your database name, database user and password, and database type (MSSQL/MySQL) to together with your account domain so we can restore the database.
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After a few weeks of server downtime due to hacked servers, Philhosting is now back online. Sad to say, our files and databases are wiped out. I have to start from scratch again. I am not sure if Philhosting have any plans in compensating their clients for what happen (I sure hope they do).

I knew few people who also availed their services. They are very much disgruntled with the services they have received from them. Even the Customer Service Representative (CSR) is very much unfriendly (and in our part, rude).

I am saying that they could have changed their system NOW. There’s still a chance to improve their way of dealing with their clients. Unless they want unsatisfied clients bashing their services and the company itself.

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