Cosplay Criticism/Critique


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Cosplay has been a major trend nowadays. When we hear about “Anime”, we relate it to cosplay or cosplaying. But what is Cosplaying?

Cosplaying or Cosplay is a Japanese term for cosplaying. It is equivalent to the the western term ‘Masquerade’. It is basically a time for fans to dress up in their favorite costume or as their favorite character. There is this condition that comes with it. You will not only play the character in dress but also the character’s nature. By means, you will have to act as if you are the character itself.

Criticism or Critique is a reasoned judgment or analysis, interpretation or observation of a person. It is divided into two (2) categories - Constructive Criticism and Destructive Criticism. To simplify, the former dwells more on a positive criticism that uplifts the other person materially, morally, emotionally or spiritually. The latter dwells on with the negative criticism. It is intended to harm someone, derogate and destroy someone’s creation, prestige, reputation and self-esteem on whatever level it might be (i.e. “bashing”)

Combining both, Cosplay Criticism is a form of reasoned judgment or analysis of a person (critic) towards how the person portrays the character. Was that person able to play the character in nature as well as the way he/she dress or not? Cosplay criticism is not new to us. Same as fashion models and prestigious restaurants and other entities, they are all receiving a critics’ comment/s, and cosplaying is not an exception to the wary eyes of criticism.

But how does society look at it?

The following comments are true and unaltered. They came from real people with real experiences. I’d like to share their piece of the pie about it:

“Cosplay Critique (Criticism) - It’s looking through every OBJECTIVE angle to identify the mistakes. It’s somewhat related to bashing only because they both comment on the cosplayers’ faults. Bashing is subjective while critiquing isn’t.”

~ Enzo ~

“Cosplay critique- defines the judgment of a viewer to a cosplayer. Critiques may vary based on a cosplayer’s costume, portrayal and props. It is generally an OBJECTIVE CRITICISM, which is really based on the portrayal of the character. Bashing is a different kind of criticism which involves too much SUBJECTIVE CRITICISM… in other words, bashing involves personal aspect to a cosplayer. However, a cosplay critique may involve bashing due to the fact the judge/the viewer may involve his/her personal standards cosplaying. However when, official judging is involved, it is the discretion of the judge whether he/she will involved his/her personal standards to as a tool of judging along with the criteria given or not. Hence, bashing is just for people who are born out of IGNORANCE. A true Cosplay Critique is 90% objective and 10% subjective.”

~ Rob ~

“Cosplay criticism is a professional way of justifying your criticism; it’s constructive and has worth whether it’s bad or good. Bashing in the other hand is the complete negative side of cosplay criticism.”

~ Angelo ~


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