SM Davao’s Halloween Event


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There will be a costume convention on October 30, 2008 (Thursday) at the Event Center of SM City Davao. Interested participants of the cosplay competition and digi-art contest should read the following rules for your information: (for more information, visit AMK Official Website here

Group Cosplay Rules and Regulations


1. Completely filled out registration form

2. Wavier and ID photocopy

3. Parent’s consent if below 18

4. Full-body character reference photo (via email or hand-carry)

5. 3 - 5 minute Group Skit / Presentation

6. During rehearsal days, photo of contestants in costume

Group Cosplay Guidelines:

1. A cosplay group must consist of a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of five (5) cosplaying members, one (1) technical director, and maximum of two (2) stage hands. Stage hands are optional but the technical director is a must. The technical director will assist in sound and light set up for their groups’ skit. The stage hands will assist the cosplayers in the back stage and on stage set up, but they are not included in the skit. The stage hands should wear all black.

2. No cosplaying of hentai, ecchi, or any other provocative characters. This is

a family event, so let’s keep things clean.

3. A link for the downloadable registration form will be available at this website: Improperly filled registration forms will not be accepted.

4. All participants should submit a filled out waiver and a clear photocopy of their IDs, together with their registration form. A parent’s consent form with a clear copy of their parents ID should also be attached for cosplayers under 18.

5. Participants should submit a photo of each group member in their listed costume during the rehearsal dates.

6. Participating groups should place their entries in one sealed short envelope and send via mail or personally hand carry to:

AMK Organizing Team
Stall 5 Metro Avenue
De Guzman St.,
Davao City, Philippines 8000

All entries with their complete information may also be emailed to: Qualified groups will be notified via e-mail, text message, or call within a week after submission. If the group does not receive any confirmation within the one week period, please send an inquiry at or text: 0923-410-6987.

7. The deadline for the registration is on October 24, 2008. Qualified teams that registered before the deadline are included in the official list of Group Cosplay participants.

8. A member of a particular cosplay group can only join ONE COSPLAY GROUP and he/she will not be allowed to join multiple cosplay groups.

9. On-site group cosplay registration will not be accepted.

10. All cosplay groups are required to have a cosplay skit. Skits must not include explicit and provocative contents. Each cosplay group will be given a minimum of three minutes and maximum of five minutes of stage time to present their skits. A pre-dubbed skit is highly recommended.

11. All background music (BGMs) that will be used for the cosplay skit must be in audio or MP3 format (.CDA or .MP3) and must be within the time limit of their cosplay skit. Audio CDs must be properly labeled and submitted on October 27, 2008, as well as the script of the group skit. Procedures for submission will be e-mailed after the groups submit their registration

12. A pre- production briefing will be held on October 27-28, 2008. All cosplay groups’ technical director should be present for the briefing. Group sequence will also be determined that day. Failure to attend the pre-production briefing will result in disqualification for the group.

13. The organizers reserve the right to disqualify the group of any contestant who fail to follow the aforementioned rules. Picture Reference Submission

Digital Arts Contest

1. Each cosplayer is required to submit a digital file of the picture of the character that they’ll be cosplaying via email and/or personally hand-carry.

2. It is highly recommended to submit a full-body colored picture of the character that will be cosplayed.

3. Contestants may submit their pictures through

4. They should wait for confirmation e-mail from AMK to validate their registration.

Digital Art Rules and Regulations


1. Pre-registartion with personal information: name, contact number, e-mail add

2. Include concept sketch (black and white line-art) with short essay describing the concept in pre-registration

3. Bring ID on the contest day

Digi-art Drawing Contest Mechanics:

1. Participants will make their original digital art works whether Asian or Western style that goes along with the theme “NOT YOUR USUAL HALLOWEEN”. The number of characters present is not restricted to one (i.e. contestants may draw an entire fight scene, market scene, or romantic scene, etc.)

2. There will be a pre-registration for the Digital Art Contest. Interested participants should send their name, contact number, and e-mail address to: The entry should include their concept sketch (a black and white line art) that is related to the theme and a brief essay describing the sketch. The pre-registration deadline will be on October 20, 2008. Qualified contestants will be informed on October 24, 2008 via email, text message, or call.

3. Participants are encouraged to bring their pen tablets for the contest.

4. The artwork drawn must have a background to go along.

5. No explicit, adult and other provocative content (i.e. hentai, ecchi, yaoi, yuri, etc.) entries will be drawn. This will be grounds for the contestants’ disqualification.

6. After all works have been collected and printed, works will be placed on the available panels in the venue as a form of art exhibit for the visitors and guests of the event to see. The artworks will also be projected as a feature presentation during the main event.

7. Only limited slots will be available. Contest begins at 10:15AM and ends at 4:00 PM. Note: software to be used is Adobe Photoshop.

For other inquiries, please contact Mara @ 09234106987 or visit the Ani-Ma Kyoukai Official Website for more details


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