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The IT3 did enjoy our 10-18-19-06 Trip… After having our dinner with my mates down the space burger and them at a nearby cafe (which i forgot the name) We decided to have our tripping. They wanted to go to someplace exciting. Excitement as in lots of fun and risks. You know, how about going to interlude or someplace similar to that. hehehe.. We went bar hopping (at least everyone at the back of the pick-up knew what i meant) we pass by autoshop, venue, and wew, didn’t quite expect it but landed on the… no, not in MARS, but it is way much better that MARS… we landed on QueensLand. wew! don’t think bad, we just go there to out of curiousity. We park the vehicle nearby the shore, and
just good enough to sniff the smell of the saltiness of the sea. We ate balot (me, plong, kitel, and badjoy) while the others are strolling down the sea. and we talk about stuffs that we don’t normally talk like… (secret!) and we talk and we talk… we talk about stuffs like the teenage stuffs and about the place and about the magnificent statue that Kuya is so curioust about. There badjoy also divulge teptep’s nick - CHICHAY and donna’s nick… (ano nga un???) hehehe.. then after which, we went to a nearby gasoline station to withdraw (C.R.) what we have eaten a while ago. and then deposit food for the vehicle (gasolina). By that time it was past 12 midnight. But everyone isn’t ready to go home. After thinking for a place to stay, they finally decided to go the Chowking. We hopped again to the vehicle and off it goes to Chowking bajada. But then as we entered some of our doodz parted because of some circumstances for instance Kuya Cris because of programming, and dirk because of i dunno. and ghetz which i do not know too. anyways,
There we ate food “Unusually” because we ate against conditions… hehehe… (si leri lang pala un) After a hearty meal. (para sa iba its their breakfast), We then finally decided to go home because its past 2 am na and some of us will be having our defense. We first drop off plong at belisario, then we go to (tagal ko nalaman) jade valley to visit the norstrom’s head programmer and kitels. after which we then search for kuja’s abode and then dropped him (este her pala) off. Then next in line is kitels (for which how many times i thought na bababa na tlga xa kac un na place nya). Then after we drop mario to his pigeon hole and next we dropped donna to his home with me as backup and with a few bodyguards guarding (guarding bah? murag dle gyud.) nearby. Then off we got to teppy’s (chichay’s) house alongside with badjoy and leria and me. We dropped them off (cla duha ni teppy-chichay ug badj) to teppy’s (chichay’s) home then after dropping them off me and leria went home (actually nakikisakay lang po ako) and then she drops me off in the kanto and i rode a motor to my home (kac ayaw daw ni leria ihatid ako kac takot na xa about sa… kaya pala may unan) and then i just went home and un… i am here writing about what happened today… wee… i can’t sleep and its about 6 am here and its minutes to count before i have to take a bath and prepare for school (hanep no walang tulugan). Till hir ciao! and IT3 your my best family ever!!!


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