Two Thumbs DOWN for PLDT MyDsl Service


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Two weeks ago, several PLDT MyDsl agents are having their door-to-door advertisement for their product. You can see several of their vans in our village roaming around with agents knocking on every door. We are also visited by an agent. "She" (He's a She - Shokla) offers her products and because I heard good things about PLDT thru a friend of mine. I was enticed to subscribe. Another thing is that I need to have a stable connection for my work by which Smartbro faithfuly served me up until lately when I often had connection problems.

Anyways, The process was kinda easy. If you have an existing landline, you can just present 2 valid IDs and fill-up the form and the application will be processed. I was told that the procees will take 2-3 business days for approval then another 2-3 business days for installation with a maximum of a week to complete the installation of the connection.

So I waited for a week and then plans to contact the agent who serves our application to their higher ups. But before that I called the Customer hotline of MyDsl to check. Apparently, I'm quite alarmed. There's no record of my application in their system. It was a week ago, I told the CSR. They said that it might have been with the agents end at fault. So I contacted the agent and a few hrs later "She" called. I told her about it and "She" said that the application is still pending. FTW! My application pending on their desks? And becoming sitting ducks? WTH! "She" said that they'll contact us and give it another week to process the application. And I gave up, since there's nothing I could do unless give that b*tch a tongue-lash for a change.

Then Here am I, a week after, and 2 weeks after I filled up the application, Has just finished talking to one of the CSR in their MyDsl Hotline. I learned that my application is DEACTIVATED because there's no slot/port available. WTF! What are those agents doing in our village?? Offering their promising products then could give them to their consumers. We were even asked to wait for an available port in our area. There could have been a number of us waiting. I must say, that's a very unwise move and to add, a bit RUDE in their part. "Naniniguro lang sila ng clients!" They don't really give a damn care about their "newly acquired consumers of their products" who is waiting and waiting and waiting... tapos wala rin naman pala. "Kung hindi pa ako tumawag at nagtanong sa HOTLINE nila in, hindi ko pa malalaman na ang rami pala naming nag aabang na may mabakanteng PORT sa aming lugar." It really pissed me off that they left our house with our application forms and leaving their promises that in a maximum of a week, we can have the product we applied for. I guess I'll be sticking my butt to SMB and won't give my hopes high on MyDsl.

2 Thumbs Down!!!


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awww.. just stick wwith smartbroo na lng hehehe...

or maybe that 'agent' was not really an agent and it was a scam O.O

I don't think so. "SHE" with the crew. "SHE" even talk to her supervisor about a certain feature I inquired.

Hmmm I'm still thinking of getting a an actual internet line here. But not from the Shokla. I will have to take my chances and go directly to the PLDT main branch.


hehehe yeah... maybe "she" forgot about your application... [na mangha toh sa imong ka-gwapo... ahehe XD *joke*]

well you could always go to the main branch... it's much faster that way... :D

good luck on getting a line :D

well on my experience w/ pldt for like more than 2yrs... it's actually fine... you could ask kuya noel about this... pldt sad sya... :D

I also had a not so good experience with my application before. I am using Bayantel and I really their service most specially the people. hehehehehee

@AlRitch: Ohh? Bayantel is one of my choiced ISPs but apparently, Bayantel services are not extended here in our areas. :(

Hi, I have my PLDT DSL connection for one year now. Superfast I could watch online movies without a hitch anytime of the day. I hope it stays this way forever. I had SMARTBRO before. It was doing fine until the connection slowed down big time after three months and their people could not explain why. There were also hitches in the installation of my SMARTBRO. In my case, it's the SMB people who suck. Guess kanya-kanang experience lang. Iisang kumpanya na lang naman PLDT and SMART, di ba? Regards :)

That's true... Sister company sila. Indeed I can say my PLDT connection is super fast... I can online stream without waiting for the buffer to load fully. Tuloy2 na panonood ko. ^_^x