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This was a very busy day for me. I woke up early to look for my personal documents that I need for opening an account in BPI (Bank of the Philippine Island). I never thought I’d need those IDs to open up an account. Found the things I need and I went to check if my mother’s in her office to ask where the convenient branch is. She told me it would be in SM Davao. I never knew there’s a BPI branch there. Found out later that it was in the back of SM, no wonder I didn’t noticed. I entered the premises talk to a nice lady and filled up the application form. Just my luck, she told me that I need to pass two 1x1 pictures to go with the form so hunt SM stores for a photo center. Lito Sy is so expensive to me for a 1x1 snapshot. Found Picture City the perfect spot for me. They offered plenty of good stuffs – Packages ranging from any photo dimensions for just 60 pesos. I paid the fee and had my “mug”shots. I need to wait for 25 minutes to get them. After I got them went back to the cute lady and finished filing the form. It was a little early if I go home so I decided to watch Underworld. Then after went to eat dinner by myself and went home exhausted. Later that night while working I felt dizzy and hot and had headaches. So I called in to my manager that I won’t finish my shift and will rest. I never noticed but I knew I went off to wonderland as soon as I hit the sack.

** You might be wondering, I happen to write this quick post before hitting the sack. LOL **


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