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Yikes! I've been tag by my ever dearest mareng Shynne. It's my first time so Mareng Shynne, breaking ka ha! hehehe... here are the rules for the 'Birthday Wish' tag:

  1. Make a list of what you want on your birthday
  2. The list should be 10 numbers
  3. Post the image of this award in your posting
  4. Give it to 10 friends of yours.

  1. God - that I may be more closer to Him and do everything for His glory
  2. Health - A long and lasting good health not only to me, my family and also to my love ones and friends
  3. Family - That my family will have a strong and lasting bond and that it may become more stronger as days pass by
  4. Career - That I may have a stable and lasting career(can also be business) and of course I have to work hard for it. Need to mention have to have discipline in work. :P
  5. Lovelife - Who said I don't need one? Serves me as my confidant, inspiration and bond - not to mention other cute stuffs. (:
  6. Friends - That I may have stronger bonds with my current friends and more friends to come.
  7. Peace - Peace not only in our world and it's conflicts but only the conflicts in everyone's hearts.
  8. Love - That love will be in everyone's mind, heart and soul. Spread love, love = happy life. Corny noh? but true!
  9. Blessings - Who said it's selfish to asks for more from Him? I need more blessings today than yesterday. You can always asks for yours too.
  10. Material Things - hahaha... my wants and desires. Do I need to mention? Ok - Super fast computer and laptop (take note dalawa yan) Ipod, Mobile Drive, Multipurpose Phone and Knowledge (I need more knowledge - this isn't material but what'd'heck I care.)

And it's my turn to tag you now. I'm tagging you people - Thyron, Mario, Dirk, Nina, Shiriel, Nicole, AlRitch, Shynne, Jhonaville, Mara

-Ciel Bleu-


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whew! ngayun ko lng nalaman, tagadavao ka pala? nakaattend ka nung davao bloggers summit?


Thanks for tagging me, will post it this weekend pah kasi medyo busy...ehehhee..

Anyway, kuyawa nimo ug mga wishes oi..e hehehehe

@Gagay: yup2 taga davao po ako. :D
Proud to be a citizen of D!

Hmmm... I heard about it pero hindi ako pumunta. I'm not really an avid blogger at those times. hahaha... Feel2x lang kung magsulat. wakokoko... ^_^x

@Alritch: aw aw... :D bacg pang miss universe pud ng imong answers. hahaha...

Kuyaw gyud akong wishes kay wish lang man. :P