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Just started a new blog - Reviews in my Head. I intend to put my movie and anime reviews and updates in that blog. To start with I posted a welcome message and a review on the movie I watched this morning.

Hopefully I would be able to keep up with having two blogs now. I was a little bit lazy updating my blog last year so this will be a great challenge for me to be updating two blogs. Though I am not new in blogging, I am still new in blogging community, increasing traffics, technorati, blog catalog, mybloglog, and other new stuffs that emerges and change blogging. I hope I could learn those things so that I can improve my blog. Of course, any criticisms and comments will be appreciated and will be looked into for points for improvements. So much to learn, and as the saying goes, there's alwasy room for improvements.


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Great, great...good luck! basta earning in blogging is not overnight ha.. kugi lang sa update update ug link link.hehehhee..(the SEO stuff)..ehehehhe

Ahahaha... I haven't updated yet that review blog. Havin' a busy weekend that require me to be away from my computer most of the time.

I owe that review blog 3 articles na. :D