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I just made up my mind. I'm giving paid blogging a shot. I was inspired by a friend to write and while writing, is earning. Isn't that cool? She even earned much by just blogging and I am so envious of her.

I never write when my mind does not have anything to talk about to. Even if there is - Sports, Music, Movies, Literature, or Personal, it will not matter unless there's this urgency and need to write something or voice something out. I always had my own views in each information I came across to but I don't know if it is worth putting in my blog. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't.

Writing is not new to me anymore. I used to write poems and short stories in my early days. I even got a notebook or two filled with short poems and scribbled short stories. I even collected quotes. Hahaha... those were the days.

For me, blogging is just an outlet. I voice out my opinion on something in blogging but not that often. Hopefully I can practice my writing by this decision I made. Money does not really matter but earning while doing what you like - your hobby is not a bad thing either.

As of now, I'm planning to write blogs that involved in Movie & Anime Reviews, IT related news and tutorials, and Point of Views (Personal and Public) in certain topics. I hope I can do it.


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namention jud diay.. toinks! ehehehe..thanks.. eheheheh.. happy blogging!