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Have you ever been into a split decisions that you are afraid to make but have no choice but to do so? Or have you ever been into a situation where all is left but to regret the decision we have made after all ?

Lately, I have pushed myself into many situations. Situations that could thwart me hard into thinking or leave me nothing but to make a hasty but unpondered decisions. Those decisions that I don't want to chose yet I have to. Decisions that if left unmade could be troublesome sooner or later.

I don't think I have made the right decisions in my life either. Some of them I have regrets some of them I don't. Regrets that I have for all those mistakes I have made in my past. After all, mistakes don't leave trails of emptiness and sadness in our life all the time. It also leave a lesson or two that we could ponder on. Lessons that must be instilled not only in our very consciousness but also within our hearts.

Maybe, when the next repeating situations pass by, I can make a good choice. As what they say, Experience is a good teacher.


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