Seriously, Totoo, Tinuod?


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Hmm... Things become a little wilder as days passed by. Lol. After a long break (Holy Week) I have to go to work again and work means 8 hours of never ending, (expect breaks) butt-wrenching, eye-blobbing, and head-burning, muscle-stiffing, work. (lmao!). Yep, I do work now. T_T

I applied to BHIPRO (An outsourcing company just located here in Davao) as a web programmer/developer(i dunno. XD). Hmmm... as I stated from my previous entry, I get to work with familiar faces. Yet, I am still a stranger to that room. I oftentimes see faces staring blankly at me in glimpsing manner as if scrutinizing me from head to foot. Makes me think of them as human-scanners lmao..

And of course, after work, I don't get to do things I often do such as, playing, watching a couple of episodes from my movie stash, playing DOTA or something(sequel ta!?) or grab something to eat. The usual thing I do now which I has been labeled to me for not a long time ago but a long long time ago. And that is(Chedeng!) * (You got it right!) Ishleeping. Thinking the sooner the clock struck 9:00, the sooner I get to pack up my belongings, sign myself out out of the logbook and drag my whole body downstairs towards the other side of the road to wait for a ride, the sooner I got home, the sooner I hit the slack the BETTER! (wow, taas ba noon?).

Never realized that I have myself entrapped now into a box. Reality(Anton, hiramin ko muna ha?) has ensnared me into doing things over and over again now. A protocol or would I say a "stored procedure" is programmed into me. Reality did draw a thief towards me. I never realized it coming until it has finished its job. So I have finished mine for the day. And so as I ended my day into slumber, I kept on thinking what is in store for me the next day.

And tonight, as I try to sleep, I keep on thinking... if Pacquiao will win tomorrow or not, malaki-laki rin baya ang pusta ko sa kay Solis (Lmao!), or if I will be the next millionaire, the next senator, the next president of RP(gagawin kong DOTA capital of Asia ang RP) or... *pauses* just kidding. Hehehe... But what I kept on thinking is if there is a possibility, a slight chance, that I can break that chain of being ensnared to reality.
Counting years to months, counting months to weeks and weeks to days till I count days to hours to minutes up to the last seconds to milliseconds to too-oo Zzzzz.... (Until I fell asleep).

*Hahaha... salamat sa pagbabasa. Don't worry walang kabuluhan yan ^^. Ginawa ko yan habang inaantay na abutin ng antok. Ayan dumating na ang antok. Cge tulog na ako, hanggang sa muli.*


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