My First Night Shift


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Morning has broken... hahaha.... XD Yep, sinikatan na tlga kami ng araw d2 sa office. ahahah... XD

I had my first night shift and it turned not really that bad than staying home bumming all day. Lolz. I have been doing this kind of having no sleep or sleeping late for the purpose of having fun(i.e. playing dota, or watching a movie) but not to stay and work for something I quite don't appreciate much(lol, I'm not saying I hate work. XD) Hmmm... There is not much to say about my first night shift. I just did stare at my comp solving my unsolved problem which is still my problem 3 days ago. XD

Arghh... I know my grammar sucks this time (lol, who said my grammar is good) cause I haven't got enough sleep. I'll just have to catch up for the loss beauty sleep later. Its still 3 hours to go before we can go home and hit our sacks. XD Wew, never thought this would be so hard. Gone are those days when we dream of having a job that is so relax and fun as if we are just playing. XD

Well, I sound so much like a grown up so I just have to end it here. I don't want to grow up fast but time can not be stopped nor growing up. XD This is the end. XD


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