I Just Hate That Kind of Movies


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[Warning : Movie Critique]

That movie sucks big time. Not literally, but it sucks because i hate the ending. I hate those kind of endings. How would you like to watch a girl dying in the arms of the man he loves as the first snow falls. How can you not hate a situation such as like the man has learned to love the woman whose life is numbered. How can you hate her saying, "I don't want you to be hurt because of me that's why I pushing you away from my life." or something like, "I want to be with you not for the sake of my happiness but because of your happiness. I will be with you until the first snow falls." Its friggin' frustrating. It just makes me soften up my cold, hardened heart.

"A Millionaire's First Love", a movie so good that it made a tear fall in my eye. XD

After watching it, I can't stop myself from listening to slow, blue songs especially those themes relating to the movie. I just don't want to wash away that feeling soon. I want the linger of those emotions that caught me because of that movie. I give that movie a thumbs-up. Not exactly in the same level as "Windstruck" or "My Sassy Girl" but almost obtaining that very same level.

Eaun-Whan!!! XD

Love Isn't

Same Same
Do you ever wake up in the morning alone?
And do you ever wish that there was some way you could stay at home?
With somebody who love you and needs you
With somebody who helps to complete you

But I’ve made mistakes and I know for sure
I won’t forget to remember

Love isn’t
Always as you see it
Love isn’t
Always as you dream it should be
Love isn’t
Always gonna find you
But this is love
Cause you’re all I’m thinking of

I wanna tell you that I’m sorry I didn’t mean that
I wanna say I love you but will I hear those words come back
From somebody who loves me and needs me
From somebody who helps to complete me

But there’s one concern that I must consider
Before I start to paint my picture to refr...

I’m gonna take my chances
I’m gonna lay my heart out on the line (on the line this time)
I’m gonna love you endlessly
But I’ll keep this in the back of my mind

back to refr.


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