RC2 - to - 6.3 STD


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Finally, I'm done with my first template development for CRE Loaded 6.3 Standard. I have been worried about this task since I first received it. I actually spent more than the normal but it is my first time so I think it's a good excuse. :-P

I have been converting templates for CRE Loaded but from older version of the same cart so it's pretty easy to grasps the new file structures are. But developing a template from one cart to another type of cart is a different story. And to add, I am converting an osCommerce template compatible to CRE Loaded 6.3 Standard.

My first few hours (to days) has been a mess. I resorted to doing the development locally in my laptop so to speed things up instead of using our company's development site. Don't blame me but I hate the loading time and I am lazy when uploading changes a dozen times for just one file. Who would like to do that? Well I managed to grasps the file structure by looking at referenced templates and the default templates already installed in CRE Loaded 6.3. But I think one of the big help aside from over-extending my patience in dueling this task is guidance and peace giventh to me from up above.

Another help is this site I found while looking for references:


(Of course it's from CRE Loaded's website, silly me!)

Anyways, hopefully I would be efficient in specific tasks like these. I can't wait to try another template development. I just love challenges despite having to tackle dirty roads. Are you?


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