Official Resignation Letter


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Dear Ani-Ma Kyoukai,
We are not the enemy. We are just the ones you forgot to say sorry to. The ones who took care of you and you forgot to take care of in return. We are the ones who sacrificed their souls for your reputation. We are the ones who asked you to be better than you are now. We were the ones who protected you.

What a huge mistake it was for us to give our hearts to you. What nerve you have to take our right, thinking that you knew better than us. What decorum you display to show to the world that you are a role model. What a beautiful liar you are.

We are the ones who looked out for everyone else. We wanted a better order. And what was there to fix? YOU! To quote a comic character “With great power comes great responsibility,” And not everyone may see it, almost everyone may not believe it, and a number may have purposely blinded themselves about it, but your great power was just for you all along. You remain responsible for our fall and the many others still. Congratulations for managing in getting rid of us and labeling US as the “delinquents”. However were we one?

You manipulate people’s words and sometimes make up your own - creative!

You say what you’re doing is for the good, but what is the return? - to be used, abused and refused the right to be mended.

You say you save people but you’ve sunk us deep into the depths of our wounds that you, yourself have inflicted.

We are not the enemy. You have just managed to make us look the part. That in this story you are the hero and we are the villains. We congratulate you for your ability to rise still without worries and conscience. To remain noble in your own skin and emit the right fragrance to lure the ones who have come to look up to you and admire your greatness.

We have plans of destroying you inside and out . And we could, but it’s a good thing we know better.

Karma hits hard or rather actions will have its reputations and will bring back its deserved rewards.

How could we say such things? Simple— you’ve implied it over the past 2 years. You forgot how to be humanly right.

How awful we are, right? Cruel and self-centered and inconsiderate with what matters most. But you see, YOU lost us because you had the nerve to wound us with your own greed. You valued your selfishness more than you valued our friendship.

We hope that this letter will force you to see how we see you, when you brought us down and ruined us. If you are indeed blind, or blinded by shallow purposes, or are just full of pride and scared for your reputation to admit to the public of your faults, then we stop here and leave you to life’s consequences.

Dear enemy, we love you to death but we’d rather be living for our sakes than enslave ourselves for your glory. We are not Ani-Ma Kyoukai members anymore. For what it’s worth, we thank you for being there for us once upon a time.
The Undersigned:

  • Annaline Ong - Moy-Moy
  • Josh Sanz - Josh
  • Kate Anjuli Nombrado - Kate
  • Stephen Acosta, Jr. - Stephen
  • Dinah Hong - Dinah
  • Lester Moore Koting - Lester
  • Reida Jade Renovilla - Reida
  • Maria Luz Lu - Dichi
  • Ma. Glaiza Lu - Mei-Mei
  • Janina Mae Gantuangco - Nina
  • Justin Jason Soriano - JJ
  • Ellen Grace Morre - Momo
  • Jennifer Jendall Ong - Ping-ping
  • JP Paredes - JP
  • Mark Sanchez - Mark
  • Carla Jane Chua - Carla
  • Duane Bacon - Duane
  • Alain Pedronio - Alain
  • Samantha Lao - Sammie
  • Chris Kimberly Anito - Anito
  • Robellito Diuyan, III - Rob
  • Adrian Ablazo - Ogs’ Peace
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